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In order to become fully familiar with the topic trading or add your knowledge in this field, we recommend you read the following step by step:

Capital management methods
When trading Forex, you must know how to put the right investment for you; how to calculate the amount of funds needed for a deal to get a sufficient revenue, and if to lose, do not lose all of your deposit.

To achieve this, there are management methods capital (money management) specifically:
Lack of capital management. Most of the traders during the opening of the position, not the first the amount of funds will be used, or estimate the potential perolahan, or calculate the potential losses. This is one of the tactics, but if the capital is not too great, then after a deal that is less fortunate, the capital will disappear entirely.

* Many of the contract. When do some of the position in the Forex market with a different tool, a trader can meraup a large acquisition, for example EURUSD and EURGBP, especially if the price to go in the right direction. But the acquisition and loss can be very large.

* Number of fixed. Depending on the amount of funds available, a trader decide on how big a risk that will be staked when opening the one position or another. Trader will not exceed the amount set themselves during the deal.

* Interest rates remain the capital. This method is similar to the previous method but with little difference between the trader determine the interest rate capital, and not the amount.

* The relationship between profits and losses. You need to track your own statistics for all operations (the number of losses, profits and the relationship between them). When you see the relationship / correlation between them, then you can apply what you have learned in the trading.

* Crossing average kurva capital movements. Most people already familiar with the average motion, which can act as a signal to enter or leave the market. According to this method, the average move (long and short) is used to estimate the deal. If kurva short on the long kurva, the position can be opened and will be profitable. However, if the kurva are under kurva long, so better to wait for a while.

Selecting one of the methods of management of capital to do Forex trading can help you use your money to the right in the market and help you meraup advantage. Capital management methods used to open a position.

Methods of risk management
During the trading, an investor can redouble Forex capital, and risk not only the potential loss of revenue but also the money has been invested. Deviation from the average of the results is expected to determine the risk that investors in financial markets.

This type of deviation can provide benefits and a great loss.
Financial risk management does not offer any guarantee of success in trading, still brings together the essentials. Each operation is currency risk. That's why the use of management methods to reduce potential losses.

1. Delivery of stop-order;
2. Investment capital stock;
3. Trading trend-line;
4. Emotional management.

Risk management methods used after the establishment of the position. Main methods of risk management is the order of delivering a loss.

Stop-loss (literally means the loss) - is a point where a trader out of the market to avoid the situation that leads to disaster. You must determine the stop-loss when opening the position to avoid losses.
There are several types of stop-signal (stop sign):

* Stop signal the beginning - or determine the amount of deposit interest rate which the trader is ready to lose. When prices move towards this point and reach it, then the position remained level trader approach, and not exceed the losses that have been previously defined by trader.

* Trailing stop signal - when the price is moving towards a position, and stop signal after it is determined, in accordance with the options trader. If the direction changed, and prices reached a signal, the trader out of the market and the potential benefits meraup (depending on when the price movement started).

* Profit dismantling - is when the benefits have been obtained pure, and its position has been closed.

* Stop signal at times - is at a time when the market is not able to obtain the expected benefits, the position is closed.

The difference between winner and loser
Simulation results more than 20 winners and 30 trader trader loser.

Most of the things we do well in life is we learn from those who do it well. I studied with the bowl to see players named Pauere Festival and how to play handball with a view Paul Harber.

In the case of technology, this is called the simulation: Find a good trader and note any movement trader and try to understand the principles that make the trader meraup advantage and how the trader is trying achieve. Then note of victory in this awareness and you are.

I spend 2-3 years has been recording conversations between the loser and winner, see the pattern their lives not only in style tradingnya, but also keyakinannya. You can read books and magazines about the trader I Simulate this. Some of the more close up and keep them. A discovery! It's a very big difference between a winner and loser in the trading.

Although disclosure may terbesarnya is that the trader-trader has patterns that are similar. Let's study this first.

Similarity in their ...

Both the winner and the loser has the idea of trading. That is their life. For the winner or loser - trading keingingan the menggebu-gebu; and they both are the extremists. The biggest loser as I know to do with the trading of energy and with the same meaning each winner. Therefore, the desire and motivation, as two different things, not be part of this equation.

Another thing is the same they do not have many close friends with the same sex. Men and women usually have no more than one close friend with the same sex. No matter their loser or winner, features a great desire of a trader is not so they can socialize.

Ekstrimisme, as I submit earlier, had integrates with their lives. Both groups have a way of life and confidence to the extreme. They see the world as black and white with some color halftone. I think that's why loser become so disillusioned they do everything for trading, but because they have made a mistake since the beginning; natural disasters that they are very numerous and ongoing.

And their differences

Let's see on the loser. Here is the thing I find that as usual on themselves.

Most of them obsessed with the idea to change XXX, XXX to be 000, 000,000, and the more quickly the better. Their goal is - the benefits quickly and big. Each of them have a conversation about the deal before the inner open position, the same as the previous day when they close the position!

All talk about loser irritation that forced them to do the deal. They could not endure not to deal ... is a nightmare for them if they do not open the position and menungguinya. They were more pleased when they do trading, no matter win or lose them; they would prefer to do rather than not trading. They look as if suffering from fever trading, and the fever has been spreading to the entire body.

Other common points is that the deal with management and trading solutions capital. The loser does not consider capital management. One of them told me: "The idea of this game is not about capital management, but if you're right or wrong." I have seen a bit of attention to their assets and account balances. They were so surprised to know that when some people keep track of day-to-day because they do not understand how it related to the establishment of the position to win.

And in the end they ask me whether I know people who earn from trading. They seem not so sure that this it is very possible. They do not have the confidence, even when faced with evidence that they received from regular financial managers .... that the benefits can be found regularly.

Now let's talk about the winner

Where should I start? Surprising that I, the winner of many traders ask me when I ask them. The loser is not so much to me to ask. There are no winners from that conduct trading with half a heart. They all have a form of capital management and they are all of a technical trader.

Each person: Both men and women can remember the loss of one of the embedded in pikirannya as something that did not want them anymore. That's why they use the stops and does not "accept the deal at random." They listen to "keberaniannya" during the deal.

The biggest difference I found is that winners focus their attention on a small market "favorite". The first winner only and not to trade soybean other since 1956. The loser tends to often switch market information and bulletins, as well as when I began to slip. When the winners do research or make a purchase, the loser seems to searching for identity that can lift them and make money.

All winners convinced that they can make money as much as possible, and reject anything that bad. They have a protective aura around it and not be impulsive. They dikejutkan by the information that most people do not know the procedures they use. They understand that this is a job that is quite intense, but they think that every person who has enough gumption to use the same procedures that they use.

Secret of the main short-term trading
The secret is the less you trade, the less you earn.
Sad indeed, but that's what it is. Think about the investment you ever make. Did you complete the job in a day? If so, then you are lucky, and how many times you can do it again? No doubt, rarely. That is because the universal rule of speculation is the same with the universal rules of growth.

We need time to increase profits.

The successful trader knows that in a minute the market can move a little, and 5 minutes in the market will move much further, and in 60 minutes will add much more, and who knows how far the market will move in a day or a week. The traders who failed melakuan trading appears only in short periods of time, which automatically narrow the opportunities for their benefit.

Thus, they deliberately limit the profits and losses that have not measurable. No wonder so many are getting poor results in the short-term trading. They have locked themselves in a situation in vain, with the thinking that is still possible to make money in one haru only by following the increase and decrease in the market. And this theory seems quite rational, because when you are trading in a day and never leave a position open in the night, you do not depend on the events and major changes, so narrow the risk that you face. And this is actually less accurate because the two following reasons.

First, the risk you are in your control. The only control you have in this business is in control of the stop-loss points - points where the position is closed. Yes, indeed there is a possibility that the market will be opened next morning with a stop gap that exceeds your (slightly exceed stop you) even though cases like this rarely happens, but you can limit your losses, have a stop-loss points and ended with a loss of deal . The loser continues to experience loss, not the case with the winner.

Immediately after you set the position of the stop-loss points, you can lose some money. Without reference to the time when the position opened, since the stop-loss points you limit your risk. With the same risk when you buy your points in the market higher or lower points in the market over time.

Would not specify where in the night to limit the amount of time will cause the growth of investment. Sometimes, even if the market can be opened again for us, we still remain in the right direction, because the market will be opened for us.

And more importantly, when you end the trading at the end of the day, or worse in some time before the closure, with intervals, say 5 or 10 minutes, then you will narrow the potential benefits you drastically. Remember when I mentioned the one big difference between winner and loser, loser that continue to have losses? Well, the difference is that the winner's position victory, leaving the loser when the market too fast. Because for the loser, they are not waiting position victory: they have been quite happy to show a profit so that they exit from the market too quickly (during the day most days).

You never can produce a lot of money until you learn how to continue to be in the position of victory. And the longer you survive, then the greater the potential benefits that you have. When farmers sow seeds, they do not see the plants every 5 minutes to figure out how to grow plants. They let the plants sprout and grow. Trader can learn from this natural process. Success of the trader does not vary much with the success of the farmers. In order to get a successful deal, trader also takes time.

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